What came about to murdered April Jones and who’s Mark Bridger?


He spent several hours viewing images of a 14-year-old local girl who was the daughter of a friend of his, and also contacted four women via text or Facebook to ask if they wanted to meet him for a drink.

He later attended the same parents’ evening at April’s school, where his daughter is also a pupil. Bridger, who says he had been drinking beforehand and was not sober, stayed for around 20 minutes.

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What happened to murdered April Jones and who is Mark Bridger?

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Shortly after leaving in his Land Rover Discovery, he approached a couple of school girls aged eight and 10 who were playing in the local area. Winding down his car window, Bridger invited one of them to a sleepover with his daughter, before driving off.

Shortly afterwards, a witness saw him pull up next to garages on the estate, near to where April was playing with a seven-year-old friend who lived close by.

What happened to murdered April Jones and who is Mark Bridger?