Weapons present in employee's car spurs movie show evacuation


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    Weapons present in employee's automotive spurs movie theater evacuation

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tons of of individuals were safely evacuated from a movie show after authorities say weapons, ammunition and a grenade were found in a theater employee’s automotive.

Howell police say Jacob Cavanaugh faces weapons charges. but they don’t believe the 24-year-previous Manchester man meant to harm any person on the Xscape theater Friday evening.

Weapons found in worker's automotive spurs movie theater evacuation

Police say the theater’s manager approached an officer and mentioned every other employee said that Cavanaugh had shown him weapons in his automotive prior within the week.

The officer got Cavanaugh’s permission to look the automobile. Authorities say they found a bullet-proof vest, a grenade and two revolvers — one empty and one loaded with hole point bullets.

The theater used to be evacuated after Cavanaugh allegedly said he had get admission to to another grenade.

it is not identified if Cavanaugh’s retained an lawyer.