Singer Anne-Marie suffers awkward on-stage nipple cloth wardrobe malfunction


Anne-Marie sexy

WARDROBE MALFUNCTION: Anne-Marie’s nipples were clearly visible in her tiny outfit

The Ciao Adios singer’s nipples were clearly visible under her tiny top as she performed at Reading Festival.

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Singer Anne-Marie suffers awkward on-stage nipple wardrobe malfunction

About Anne-Marie
Anne-Marie is a French feminine given name. It may refer to:

Anne-Marie’s Instagram snaps usually wow her fans.

However, the 26-year-old Essex star really caught attention with her latest outfit.

Singer Anne-Marie suffers awkward on-stage nipple wardrobe malfunction

Anne-Marie sexy

HOT GIG: The Essex singer performed at Reading Festival

Love those nipples”

Instagram user

The blonde took to the stage in a minuscule green khaki top and trousers.

The beauty had clearly decided to go braless, judging by the snaps.

Anne-Marie teamed the racy look with small on-trend sunnies and red lips.

Anne-Marie sexy

EYE-POPPING: Anne-Marie put on a lively set

She also accessorised the outfit with gold chains and earrings.

Anne-Marie shared her own snap of the ensemble on her social media.

She wrote: “Reading festival! That was amazing. And sweaty! Thanks for partying with me.”

Anne-Marie sexy

COMPLIMENTS: Fans were certainly loving her outfit

One cheeky fan commented: “Love those nipples.”

While another gushed: “Beautiful as hell.”

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