Scotland fly-1/2 Finn Russell to depart Glasgow Warriors


Finn Russell is expected to move to France's Top 14 at the end of the season

Finn Russell is expected to move to France’s Top 14 at the end of the season

Scotland fly-half Finn Russell will leave Glasgow Warriors at the end of the season.

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Scotland fly-half Finn Russell to leave Glasgow Warriors

About fly-half
In the game of rugby union, there are a maximum of 15 players on the field at any time. The forwards (1-8) are named: props (1&3) hooker (2) second rowers (4&5) flankers (6&7) and the no 8 (8). The backs consist of 7 players: half back (9) first five eighth (10) winger (11) second five eight (12) centre (13) winger (14) and fullback (15) The reserves range from 16-23.
The scrum (an assemblage used to restart play), however, must consist of eight players: the “front row” (two props, a loosehead and tighthead, and a hooker), the “second row” (two locks), and a “back row” (two flankers, and a number 8). The players outside the scrum are called “the backs”: scrum-half, fly-half, two centres (inside and outside), two wings, and a fullback.
Early names, such as “three-quarters” (for the wings and centres) and “outside-halves” (for fly-half) are still used by many in the Northern Hemisphere, while in the Southern Hemisphere the fly-half and inside centre are colloquially called “first five-eighth” and “second five-eighth” respectively, while the scrum-half is known as the “half-back”.
The backs play behind the forwards and are usually more lightly built and faster. Successful backs are skilful at passing and kicking. Full-backs need to be good defenders and kickers, and have the ability to catch a kicked ball. The wingers are usually among the fastest players in a team and score many of the tries. The centres’ key attacking roles are to break through the defensive line and link successfully with wingers. The fly-half can be a good kicker and generally directs the backline. The scrum-half retrieves the ball from the forwards and needs a quick and accurate pass to get the ball to the backs (often firstly to the fly-half). Forwards compete for the ball in scrums and line-outs and are generally bigger and stronger than the backs. Props push in the scrums, while the hooker tries to “hook” the ball. Locks are tall and jump for the ball at the line-out after the hooker has thrown it in. The flankers and number eight should be the first forwards to a tackle and play an important role in securing possession of the ball for their team.

The 25-year-old has accepted “a lucrative opportunity” elsewhere, according to Warriors managing director Nathan Bombrys.

Russell, who has been heavily linked with a move to Racing 92, won his 31st cap for Scotland in Saturday’s narrow defeat to New Zealand, and was called up to the British and Irish Lions squad last summer.

Scotland fly-half Finn Russell to leave Glasgow Warriors

He was a PRO12 winner with Glasgow in 2015 and hopes he can end his Warriors career with further silverware.

Russell was called into the Lions squad last summer

Russell was called into the Lions squad last summer

“I’ve always wanted to experience as much as I can during what is a short rugby career,” said Russell.

“It was obviously a difficult decision to leave Glasgow but I have the opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone and experience a new culture and type of rugby.

“However, I am fully focussed on Glasgow Warriors and will do everything I can to make my final season at Scotstoun a successful one.”

Bombrys added: “Our club has an excellent track record of retaining our key players in recent years.

“However, in this instance, Finn has decided to move on and accept a lucrative opportunity at another club.

“We respect his decision and when the time comes we will thank him for his contribution to the club. It has been great watching him develop and grow wearing a Glasgow Warriors shirt.

“We know he will be fully focused on trying to bring another trophy to Glasgow Warriors this season.”