Pickering's Leach first Canadian pick in MLB draft

Canadian junior team pitcher Landon Leach was drafted 37th overall by the Minnesota Twins on Monday night.
Canadian junior team pitcher Landon Leach was drafted 37th overall by the Minnesota Twins on Monday night.  (Twitter)  

Right-handed pitcher Landon Leach of Pickering, Ont., was the first Canadian selected in the MLB draft on Monday when the Minnesota Twins used the first pick in the second round, 37th overall, to draft the 17-year-old.

Shortstop Adam Hall of London, Ont., was taken 23 picks later by the Baltimore Orioles.

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Pickering's Leach first Canadian pick in MLB draft

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Leach joined Canada’s junior national team program in the spring of 2016 and recently participated in the Dominican Summer League camp in May where he threw four innings without giving up an earned run against MLB Prospect League, a squad featuring some of the top international players eligible to sign with big league clubs on July 2. He is committed to the University of Texas.

Hall, 18, joined the junior national team program as a 15 year old in the fall of 2014 before representing Canada at the 2015 under-18 baseball World Cup in Osaka, Japan. In 2016, he was the lone Canadian to participate in both the Under Armour All-American Game at Wrigley Field in Chicago and the Perfect Game All American Game at Petco Park in San Diego.

Pickering's Leach first Canadian pick in MLB draft

He was also the recipient of the Canadian Futures Award handed out by the Toronto chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America last January at the annual Baseball Canada National Teams Awards Banquet and Fundraiser.

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Hall was teammates with Leach on the recent Dominican Summer League tour and hit .318 in 13 games with three doubles, a triple and seven stolen bases. He is committed to Texas AM University.

Both Leach and Hall are eligible to play for Canada at the under-18 baseball World Cup in Thunder Bay, Ont., from Sept. 1 to 10.

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