Papa can you hear me – invoice Clinton gets Father's Day message from black 'son …


The self-proclaimed love child of Bill Clinton popped up on Twitter over the weekend with a Father’s Day message for the former president.

‘Even though you abandoned me and only took care of Chelsea, I still want to thank you for giving me life. Happy Father’s Day @BillClinton,’ wrote Danney Williams on Sunday.

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Papa can you hear me: Bill Clinton gets Father's Day message from black 'son …

About Father's

‘I’m not looking for sympathy nor welfare, I just wish you didn’t forget about me @billclinton. #BillClintonSon #ClintonKid.’

Clinton has yet to respond to Williams’ messages. 

Papa can you hear me: Bill Clinton gets Father's Day message from black 'son …

Williams has long claimed that his mother Bobbie Ann, a former prostitute, met Clinton in Little Rock, Arkansas back in late 1984 and became pregnant after one of her 13 trysts with the then-governor.  

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Dead dad: Danney Williams (left) posted a series of messages on Twitter for Bill Clinton (rigth) in honor of Father’s Day on Sunday

Father dearest: ‘Even though you abandoned me and only took care of Chelsea, I still want to thank you for giving me life. Happy Father’s Day @BillClinton,’ wrote Williams (above)

Papa president: The former president, 70, has not responded to any of Williams’ recent tweets and his camp has denied that he is the man’s father

Williams’ also used his series of Father’s Day tweets to suggest that Chelsea Clinton was a love child as well, born as a result of Hillary’s affair with Webster Hubbell.

Hubbell, the former Associate Attorney General and Chief Justice of SArkansas’ Supreme Court, was a lawyer who worked with Hillary at the Rose Law Firm.

He served 21 months in prison as well after pleading guilt to one count of wire fraud and one count of tax fraud in 1994 for his billing practices while at the firm.

Williams posted an image of Chelsea alongside Hubbell and one of himself alongside Clinton, writing: ‘We can’t end Father’s Day without the truth.’

Just before that tweet, Williams informed his followers that unfortunately he had to work on Sunday.

‘I hope everyone is having a wonderful Father’s Day. Unfortunately I had to work, wrote Williams, who then added: ‘#BillClintonSon.’

Williams posted a video back in October of 2016 explaining why he believed Clinton was his father, and claimed that his paternity was an open secret in Arkansas. 

‘Everywhere I went, they pointed out: ‘It’s Bill Clinton’s son right there. You look like him, don’t you? The ears, the mouth, the chin, the teeth, the eyes, the nose’. I see him in me,’ said Williams.

‘You can see a black Bill Clinton. When I’m brushing my hair I can see Bill Clinton with waves in his hair.’

Sister shade: Williams also posted a message suggesting that Chelsea (left) is the daughter of former Assoc. Attorney General Webster Hubbell (right)

Grandfather in the governemtn: Williams (right) said that he tells his five children their grandfather (Clinton on left) was the president, and that they will meet him one day

Tough times: Williams (right) previously claimed he had thoughts of suicide when Clinton (left) refused to acknowledge him as his son

Williams then explained his hurt over Clinton’s refusal to acknowledge him as his child. 

‘I always feel bad about him not wanting to be in my life. Was it because I was black? Was there something wrong with me? Why do you not want to be a part of me?’ said Williams. 

‘It made me even think of sometimes suicide.’  

Williams said that Clinton would have a state trooper bring his mother seven $100 bills every month until he became president, allegations that have all been denied by the Clinton camp.

A DNA test also proved that Clinton was not Williams father, but Williams has  claimed that this is a false report.

He even tweeted that early Monday morning after the increased attention on his Twitter account writing: ‘There was never a DNA test, stop believing everything y’all read.’ 

Kid crew: Williams also celebrated his five children in a Twitter post on Sunday (Williams above with three of his kids)

Bummer summer: Williams informed his followers that unfortunately he had to work on Sunday

Williams also celebrated his own children on Sunday, writing: ‘Happy Father’s Day to me and all the other amazing fathers in the world. I love my fantastic 5 lol.’

In that same October YouTube video he posted back in October, Williams revealed that he has told his children that Clinton is their grandfather.

‘Recently I have been telling my kids that their grandfather was the president of the United States and they’re amazed by it, they’re like “No. Is it for real?” I tell them yes, he is my father and I will make sure you get to meet him one day,’ said Williams.  

He posted a video on Monday that showed Clinton is still being asked about his alleged love child, sharing a video of a man asking the former president to acknowledge his self-proclaimed son at an event. 

That same supporter then called Clinton a rapist, at which point a female handler could be heard telling him that it was not the time or place for such comments. 

‘I want to thank my supporter for asking @BillClinton about me being his son. His mouth said nothing but his face said it all,’ wrote Williams.

He then posted at the end of the tweet: ‘#ClintonKid.’