'one in all my large concerns was stamina' – Gary Oldman unearths it took four HOURS …


He’s the odds-on favourite to take home the Best Actor Oscar for his role as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour.

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'One of my big concerns was stamina': Gary Oldman reveals it took FOUR HOURS …

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But the likely accolade hasn’t come easy for Gary Oldman, the actor revealing the painstaking process it took to transform him into the iconic British Prime Minister.

Speaking with , the 59-year-old stated that it took nearly FOUR hours in the make-up chair every single morning before the cameras could start rolling.

'One of my big concerns was stamina': Gary Oldman reveals it took FOUR HOURS …

Is that really you? Gary Oldman told BW it took a team four hours each morning to transform him into Winston Churchill for his acclaimed performance in Darkest Hour (right)

 ‘My pick up [time] would be 1.45am. Get to the set, they would shave my head, cover my neck in glue and then start the make-up process,’ Gary revealed to the publication.

He told BW that make-up took three hours and fifteen minutes every single morning, before another forty-five minutes in the wardrobe department.

After the four hour preparation process, the iconic actor would then spend up to twelve hours each day shooting the film. 

Oscar buzz! Gary scored Best Actor at Thursday night’s Critic’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles

 ‘Initially, one of my big concerns was stamina,’ he conceded. 

However, it appears the hard work is well and truly paying off for the London-born legend. 

Last week, he won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama, while also scoring the same award at Thursday night’s Critic’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

Iconic character: Gary (above) plays British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the tense World War II drama

 He is now an odds-on favourite to be nominated – and win- the coveted Best Actor Oscar, with fellow contenders expected to include James Franco, Daniel Day-Lewis and Tom Hanks.

Meanwhile, in his interview with BW, Gary also praised Australian Ben Mendelsohn, who  assumes the role of King George VI in the World War II drama.

He revealed that his own British sensibilities blended well with Ben’s Australian sense of humour, stating: ‘He’s such a character. It was glorious. Winston [Churchill] was known for wit and humour, so it wasn’t out of place for us to just banter between takes’.

”He’s such a character’: Gary stars alongside Australian Ben Mendolsohn in the acclaimed drama