Gaia Pope police beneath fire as domestic who noticed contributors arrested over woman's …


Gaia Pope detectives have come under fire from the father whose son and grandson were arrested on suspicion of her murder as he vowed to take action over their “wrongful” detention by claiming “mud sticks”.  

Greg Elsey, whose ex-wife Rosemary Dinch was also arrested by police, said the ordeal had “ruined their lives” following the discovery of the missing 19-year-old’s body on Saturday afternoon.  

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Gaia Pope police under fire as family who saw members arrested over girl's …

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The trio, all of whom were known to Gaia, were released after being taken into custody last week but remain under investigation by Dorset Police, who are treating Gaia’s death as “unexplained”.  

It comes as Gaia’s cousin Marienna Pope-Weidemann vowed to get justice following the heartbreaking discovery as tests on Gaia’s body are ongoing.  

Gaia Pope police under fire as family who saw members arrested over girl's …

She wrote on Facebook: “We hold you in our hearts forever. Know you are with Nan Pops now but miss you beyond words. You will have justice. Fly on.”  

Gaia’s sister Maya Pope-Sutherland also paid tribute in a Facebook post in which she wrote: “Can’t find any words right now. Gaia is my everything and I am heartbroken. I thank everyone who was involved in searching for my beautiful twin. Going to make her so proud.”

Today Mr Elsey, 69, said his family intends to pursue legal action over the arrests of 71-year-old Rosemary, his son Paul, 49, a carpenter, and his actor grandson Nathan, 19, for alleged smears on their character.