Former UFC fighter Tim Hague dies after getting knocked out in boxing fit


Former UFC heavyweight fighter Tim Hague died Sunday after suffering a brain injury during a boxing match on Friday, his family confirmed to CTV News Edmonton.

“It is with incredible sadness, sorrow and heartbreak to report that Tim has passed away today,” Hague’s sister, Jackie Neil, wrote on her Facebook page. “He was surrounded by family, listening to his favourite songs. We will miss him with [sic] so greatly. We ask for privacy during this difficult time.”

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Former UFC fighter Tim Hague dies after getting knocked out in boxing match

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CBC News reported that Hague, 34, was taken to the hospital in critical condition on Friday after being knocked out by former Canadian Football League player Adam Braidwood at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton. Video of the fight shows Hague being knocked down several times before the bout was stopped for good in the second round.

Hague, an Alberta native and grade school teacher, began his MMA career in 2006 and fought five times on the UFC circuit from 2009 to 2011. According to, Hague’s overall MMA record was 21-13.

Former UFC fighter Tim Hague dies after getting knocked out in boxing match

“He was probably one of the most positive people I’ve ever met,” Alicia Landry, co-owner of UFC Gym Sherwood Park in Alberta where Hague trained six days a week, told CBC News. “He was just happy to do whatever he could to help anybody — I’ve never seen him have a bad day.”