Eric Decker excited to play with Marcus Mariota


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Wide receiver Eric Decker’s time as a free agent following his release from the Jets turned out to be brief.

Decker met with the Titans last week and it turned out to be the only visit he took as he agreed to a contract with the team on Sunday. Decker owns a home in Nashville and called it “kind of a perfect storm” to be able to play for “a team on the rise” in a city he’s spent a lot of time in over the years.

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Eric Decker excited to play with Marcus Mariota

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One of the biggest reasons why the Titans are on the rise is the presence of quarterback Marcus Mariota, something Decker noted while discussing what appealed to him about playing in Tennessee.

“And I am excited about Marcus Mariota and the young talent he is,” Decker said, via the team’s website. “He’s a big guy, and he throws a great ball. He is very accurate, and he uses his feet and gets out of the pocket and throws. He’s a talent, but I also like the way he carries himself. He is very stoic, and he seems very humble. I hear he’s a real football junkie who wants to be great, and that’s so important.”

Eric Decker excited to play with Marcus Mariota


Decker joins first-round pick Corey Davis and third-round pick Taywan Taylor as new additions to a receiver group that also includes Rishard Matthews, Tajae Sharpe and tight end Delanie Walker. Those moves should give Mariota better options in the passing game than he enjoyed a year ago and could make Decker’s decision a winning one for both him and the team.