Emmerdale – Jai arrested for attacking Nell as her lies proceed – what happens …



Emmerdale’s Jai Sharma was arrested for assaulting Nell Fairfax in tonight’s episode, as the unstable fantasist continued to spin an elaborate web of lies. But with the character confirmed as departing next week, how will she leave the village? And could Jai be the one branded a liar after Nell turned the tables?

Reeling from yesterday’s enormous twist that Nell had faked her entire life since the day they met, Jai reflected on the how the last six months had been a complete lie and struggled to understand his girlfriend’s actions. Thinking she’d done a runner, Jai lamented he’d never get any answers now…

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Emmerdale: Jai arrested for attacking Nell as her lies continue – what happens …

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Little did he know nutty Nell was hiding out at Butler’s farm and was taken in by kindly Moira Dingle. Ramping up the sob story by telling Moira she’d miscarried and that Jai had hit her after accusing her of never being pregnant and lying about having a baby that died, Nell did quite a number on her friend as she convinced her Jai was the one at fault.

In a seriously dark twist, Nell even made Moira think she’d taken a heroin overdose, mirroring her daughter Holly’s tragic demise – presumably this was all faked too as part of Nell’s strange obsession with Holly that led her to Jai and that NA meeting in the first place.

Emmerdale: Jai arrested for attacking Nell as her lies continue – what happens …


Feeling sorry for Ms Fairfax (which is probably not even her real name), Moira urged her to speak out about Jai’s violence – and the episode ended with Mr Sharma getting a visit from the cops and being arrested on suspicion of assault…

Actress Scarlett Archer has revealed she makes her last appearance as Nell next week, and that the story is set to take even more dramatic turns. “She’s completely crazy and seriously troubled, so people better watch out! We do find out why she’s done all this and the audience will be shocked, there are some more big twists to come before she leaves next week.

“Nell is fantasist,” continues Archer. “I wouldn’t say she’s evil but she’s troubled and has serious mental health issues. I hope fans will understand when they learn more about her, but I think they will probably just see her as an utter terror and a terrible human!”

It remains to be seen what Nell’s ultimate fate will be – could she flee after Jai is arrested, letting him rot behind bars with the community taking her side and turning on him for lashing out at a seemingly vulnerable woman? Will she trip up on her own story and be exposed as a liar and be driven out of town? Could a previous victim of her fraudulent fantasies come forward and get her banged up?

As for the character’s legacy, Archer is cautious. “I’m worried how strongly people might feel about her – but to be fair it’s a terrible thing that she’s done so they have the right to be angry. I guess if they really angry than I have done my job properly!”

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