Eden Hazard piles drive on Chelsea as he goals Champions League glory …


the chant solid a shadow over some other spectacular efficiency from Morata, who now has three headed objectives considering that that transfer from Real Madrid.

And while all the pre-fit focal point was on the return of Danny Drinkwater, it was any other former Leicester midfielder, N’Golo Kante, who supplied the the most important contribution with the 2nd goal, catching out Kasper Schmeichel with a pea-roller from 30 yards.

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Eden Hazard piles power on Chelsea as he pursuits Champions League glory …

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Leicester did reply, with Jamie Vardy’s penalty putting in place a dramatic end, however Craig Shakespeare’s males may no longer handle an equaliser.

It has been a tricky begin for Shakespeare, with occasions off the sector hardly ever proving useful, and Saturday recommended Riyad Mahrez still has some bridge-constructing to do with supporters after his deadline-day antics.

Eden Hazard piles force on Chelsea as he objectives Champions League glory …

Mahrez was disappointing, incessantly choosing the unsuitable cross, however captain Wes Morgan is backing the winger to get well.

“he’s had a excellent begin to the season and in opposition to the larger groups he might find it a bit of more difficult,” he said.

“however he’s always been spot on with his perspective to this point and he knows that we’d like him. i’m certain he’ll be at his perfect as quickly as he can.”