Donald Sutherland tearfully thanks Whoopi Goldberg for her speech on his career


Donald Sutherland was overcome with emotion during his visit on The View. He thanked host Whoopi Goldberg for her speech introducing him at the 2017 Governors Awards, during which he received an honorary Oscar for his long acting career.

Goldberg asked if he had had a good time at the awards show, and Sutherland asked her for a copy of her speech. She admitted that she didn’t write the speech ahead of time, because she wanted to speak from the heart.

About Donald
Donald is a masculine given name derived from the Gaelic name Dòmhnall. This comes from the Proto-Celtic *Dumno-ualos (“world-ruler” or “world-wielder”). The final -d in Donald is partly derived from a misinterpretation of the Gaelic pronunciation by English speakers, and partly associated with the spelling of similar-sounding Germanic names, such as Ronald. A short form of Donald is Don. Pet forms of Donald include Donnie and Donny. The feminine given name Donella is derived from Donald.
Donald has cognates in other Celtic languages: Modern Irish Dónal (anglicised as Donal and Donall); Scottish Gaelic Dòmhnall, Domhnull and Dòmhnull; Welsh Dyfnwal and Cumbric Dumnagual. Although the feminine given name Donna is sometimes used as a feminine form of Donald, the names are not etymologically related.

Donald Sutherland tearfully thanks Whoopi Goldberg for her speech on his career

About Sutherland
Sutherland is a historic county in the Highlands of Scotland. Its county town is Dornoch. Sutherland borders Caithness to the east, Ross-shire to the south and the Atlantic to the north and west.
In Gaelic the area is referred to according to its traditional areas: Dùthaich MhicAoidh (or Dùthaich ‘IcAoidh) in the northeast, Asainte (Assynt) in the west, and Cataibh in the east. Cataibh is also sometimes used to refer to the area as a whole.
The name Sutherland dates from the era of Norwegian Viking rule and settlement over much of the Highlands and Islands, under the rule of the jarl of Orkney. Although it contains some of the northernmost land in the island of Great Britain, it was called Suðrland (“southern land”) from the standpoint of Orkney and Caithness.
The northwest corner of Sutherland, traditionally known as the Province of Strathnaver, was not incorporated into Sutherland until 1601. This was the home of the powerful and warlike Clan Mackay, and as such was named in Gaelic, Dùthaich ‘Ic Aoidh, the Homeland of Mackay. Even today this part of Sutherland is known as Mackay Country, and, unlike other areas of Scotland where the names traditionally associated with the area have become diluted, there is still a preponderance of Mackays in the Dùthaich.
Like its southern neighbour Ross-shire, Sutherland has some of the most dramatic scenery in the whole of Europe, especially on its western fringe where the mountains meet the sea. These include high sea cliffs, and very old mountains composed of Precambrian and Cambrian rocks.
Much of the population is based in coastal towns, such as Helmsdale and Lochinver, which until very recently made much of their living from the rich fishing of the waters around the British Isles.
Much of Sutherland is poor relative to the rest of Scotland, with few job opportunities beyond government funded employment, agriculture and seasonal tourism.
Further education is provided by North Highland College, part of the University of the Highland and Islands. The Ross House Campus in Dornoch was the first establishment in the UK to provide a degree in Golf Management. The Burghfield House Campus, also in Dornoch, is a hotel school.

Here is the video of Goldberg’s speech.

Sutherland fought back tears, saying, “She said stuff to me that represented everything in my life that I had hoped that I would be able to achieve.”

Donald Sutherland tearfully thanks Whoopi Goldberg for her speech on his career

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