David Johnson questionable to return from wrist damage vs. Lions


David Johnson’s hasn’t had an easy start to the 2017 season, and now it includes a wrist injury suffered against the Detroit Lions in Week 1. The Arizona Cardinals ruled the running back questionable to return from the injury.

Prior to the injury, Johnson had just 23 yards rushing on 11 attempts, and the touchdown hawk hadn’t yet found the end zone.

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David Johnson questionable to return from wrist injury vs. Lions

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According to Pro Football Talk, X-rays came up negative for the running back, which is a good early sign for the Cardinals. He’ll have an MRI on Monday, which should reveal the severity of the problem.

Johnson, 25, has been a fantasy owner’s dream come true in his first two seasons in the NFL. After scoring 13 total touchdowns as a rookie, he upped his total to 20 touchdowns in 2016 and earned a spot in the Pro Bowl.

David Johnson questionable to return from wrist injury vs. Lions

What happens to the Cardinals offense if Johnson can’t return? The Arizona attack has relied heavily on the pass against the Lions so far. With Johnson struggling to find room, the team turned to Carson Palmer, but the veteran quarterback has two interceptions and no touchdowns.

Without Johnson, the team could be even more one-dimensional, unless Kerwynn Williams can find the room that Johnson could not.

Despite the offensive struggles, the Cardinals’ defense has done enough to shut down the Lions’ offense and keep the lead in the hands of Arizona. But losing Johnson for any period of time is a blow.