Controversial penalties negate a Seahawks TD, result in Jeremy Lane's ejection


An awesome play from an unlikely source on the Seahawks’ defense ended in a controversial ejection and a negated touchdown.

In the first quarter of the Seahawks’ season opener against the Packers on Sunday, defensive lineman Nazair Jones picked off Aaron Rodgers to stop a seven-play drive. Jones, who weighs 304 pounds, returned the interception all the way to the end zone, but two controversial flags spoiled the outcome.

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Controversial penalties negate a Seahawks TD, lead to Jeremy Lane's ejection

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The penalty that ended up preventing the touchdown was an illegal block in the back by Cliff Avril, who gave a slight nudge to Rodgers. It did not appear to be much of penalty. With that being said, Avril did extend his arms, which will almost definitely always catch the eye of the officials.

You can see the penalty at the six-second mark:

Controversial penalties negate a Seahawks TD, lead to Jeremy Lane's ejection

The other flag resulted in the ejection of Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane’s for allegedly throwing a punch at Packers receiver DaVante Adams. He didn’t appear to do so based on the replay that was shown on TV, though he always could’ve punched him after the camera stopped rolling.

Based on the replay alone, it looks like Adams initiated the altercation.

Fox’s Mike Pereira, formerly the NFL’s head of officiating, took issue with both calls.

The result of the play: The Seahawks had a touchdown wiped away and they did not score on their ensuing drive. They’ll also be forced to play without their CB2. That’s not great considering they’re going up against Rodgers. Rodgers immediately began picking on Lane’s backup, rookie Shaquill Griffin, who wasn’t expected to be pushed into a starting role.

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