Celebs Favorite Sex Positions


Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian has her own favorite. And for someone who rose to fame thanks to her appearance in a video with Ray J, it may not surprise you that she likes it from behind. Yup. She likes it from the back. And according to Kim, she can take a lot. There’s no such thing as “being too big” for Kim. Hopefully that line of thinking never results in Kim having to go to the doctor if you know what we mean.

Eva Longoria


According to Eva Longoria, she likes it on top too (Hey, Nelly!) and riding a man seems to be a favorite. But she also has another favorite thing she likes to do in the bedroom. She enjoys being dominated by her partners and in interviews she’s admitted that she’s open to a little bondage. Woof. We guess it’s legal and okay if she’s willing…

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana, who has made bank in films like “Avatar” and the JJ Abrams helmed “Star Trek” reboot, has a pretty diverse range of favorite positions. According to her, her favorite positions are missionary, being on top (hey, Nelly would love her), standing up, doggy style, and being on her knees.


Sarah Silverman

Her favorite position? Everyone’s favorite stand-by, the missionary. She confessed it on stage while joking around with Jimmy Fallon. But the comedian also has another favorite thing she likes having done to her in the bedroom. She confessed that she loves being manhandled and we’re sure her boyfriends don’t mind one bit.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is now considered one of the most desirable women in Hollywood today. And so it definitely doesn’t surprise us that a lot of you are probably wondering what her favorite position is (not that you’ll ever get to try anything for yourself). Scarlett loves doing it in the car. And if you were also wondering, she likes being on top too.


Rihanna likes to spice things up in the bedroom. She doesn’t exactly have a favorite position but one thing she loves in the bedroom is being dominated. And according to her, she enjoys using lots of toys and rather kinky stuff like handcuffs, whips, and chains to spice things up, so she claims.

Lady Gaga


From what we know of Lady Gaga’s public persona, you may expect her tastes in bedroom positions to be a little more exotic. But not so. She prefers a little missionary and going at it from behind. And according to the bisexual popstar, she also enjoys being dominated in the bedroom. Seems to be a trend. We’ve got to give her credit though, for being so wild in life, she’s awful tame in bed.