12 famous ladies Who never put on a Bra


there could also be a concept amongst people who aren’t famous, that to become neatly-recognized, you need to each possess some type of capacity, or do one factor outrageous sufficient to garner consideration. neatly, now and again it helps to do each and every, as you can see on this record of sizzling female celebrities who by no means positioned on a bra when they’re observed out of doors their homes.

1. Jennifer Aniston

again sooner than “pals,” Aniston most without a doubt wore a bra, due to no individual knew her title, so going out with no applicable undergarment safety wouldn’t attain her any consideration. then again now that she’s a family set up, Aniston is pleased with her wares, and is without end photographed in a method that displays she isn’t keen about going out with out toughen for her chest home. And don’t concern. She and her sweater puppets are laughing the entire strategy to the financial institution.

2.  Rihanna

Rihanna likes to push the envelope, if truth be told, let’s face it, that’s about all she seems to do at the moment, in between singing a couple of hits and inflicting large brawls between exes, Drake and Chris Brown. Rihanna’s now not ashamed of her physique, and as you are going to discover on this pic, she has elements to be ok with the attributes that she was once born with. As a celeb, she’s indubitably offered probably the most highest assets spherical.


3. Kim Kardashian

Kardashian is a fame vulture, and there is no opportunity that presents itself for publicity that she won’t take. Typically, you’ll find Kardashian trying to sell her ample derriere in photos, but she is also known to entice her many social media followers by either posting a pic of her going natural under her shirt, or allowing herself to be photographed in such a manner as she does in this particular image of a see through shirt. But at this point, the only way she could shock us is to disappear completely from the public eye. Kim Kardashian is as American as apple pie, whether you like it or not.


4. Miranda Kerr

Kerr is a British actress and former model who was once married to Orlando Bloom. She is also reportedly, the woman who triggered the fist fight between Bloom and Justin Bieber in a restaurant in Zanzibar, but that’s another story. What we’re here to talk about today is how often Kerr enjoys appearing in public without harnessing her chest area, which often leaves little or nothing to the imagination. But maybe it’s not that surprising, because the English do have much more liberal ideas about displaying flesh than people in America. At least Kerr is wearing a black dress in this pic, which isn’t as revealing as a white dress. Call the doctor, we’re heating up.

5. Keira Knightley

Knightley is another British import who seems to have a very open sense of her body and how it’s displayed to the public. Although she isn’t curvaceous, she is a very attractive woman, and she often finds herself hounded by photographers looking for something they can put on the front page of a website or magazine. And Knightley is happy to give them something to talk about, especially in this dress, which appears only half made, as the entire middle of the chest is bare, and it’s very obvious that Knightley has no bra underneath. Not that we’re complaining. Sue us if you disagree but our lawyers are heads over heels too.


6. Gwyneth Paltrow

Say what you will about Paltrow (and many have), but the actress keeps herself in great shape, and often shows up on the red carpet in flowing gowns without a bra. In this pic, you can see that nothing has come between Paltrow and her suit jacket, including a bra. It’s funny how celebs of this stature can turn not wearing a bra into some type of fashion statement, which isn’t the case with mere mortals, who could not get away with walking around in this manner. It just goes to show:  the rich are not like us…they’re rich. And for a woman like Gwyneth Paltrow who likes to think she’s smarter than a doctor, she’ll probably tell you there’s some whacky health benefit to walking outside without a bra.